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Who are we?

Achiel De Witte took over Beltran in 2002. At the time, Beltran already had years of experience in handling fruit and vegetables. Their produce typically came from overseas (by ship or air).

Following the takeover in 2002, numerous products and brands including CIBEL were grouped together and incorporated into Central Fruit. BELTRAN then relaunched in 2003, whereby the product range was adapted to the requirements of customers and aligned with the other members of the Achiel De Witte group.

What do we do?

Beltran carries a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

Following the takeover of Pinofruits (specialised in all Italian produce, both fruit and vegetables), the assortment became much more extensive.

Beltran also manages the CEBON range, for which they sell all nuts and fruit juices on behalf of the Group.

Exotic fruits also used to be part of their range, but after Starfruit Company, the largest exotic fruit specialist in Belgium, was taken over by the Achiel De Witte Group, this range was gradually scaled down.

Order Online

It has been possible to purchase from us online for several years now. The advantages of this are:

Quick and easy

You can shop wherever and whenever you want, 24/7

Freshness stays guaranteed

Our wide range is fully online


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