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About Starpack

Starpack is the packaging arm of the Achiel De Witte Group. Established in 2012, it is known as a total service provider in packaging, storage and distribution, based close to the biggest fruit and vegetable auction in Europe.

Starpack aims to make a difference with a flexible, solution-focused approach tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. This packaging division is a milestone in the Group’s existence, in the sense that there is no limit to how far the range can expand and create added value. Whereas these operations used to be outsourced, we are now a professional organisation, having centralised our range. We provide a total package that includes every possible packaging requirement, various labour-intensive services, such as quality control, transferring, sorting, labelling and repackaging of products and the stacking of larger units. Various assignments can also be carried out at the customer’s desired location.

We have enough room to serve our customer group in the area of packaging, storage and logistics, but we also offer our services to companies outside of the group. We are currently expanding the solid customer base which already existed. Standing still means going backwards in business, and we aim to make the difference through seeking solutions to every customer request in a professional manner. In doing so, our focus is always on improvement and innovation.

Sustainability is another important aspect of our packaging. We plan to use biodegradable products in the future and will ensure that the right product will always be placed in the right packaging.


Our greatest strength is that we are able to work fast and flexibly, and to meet the needs and requirements of the customer. Our 3 types of packaging options are:







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Starpack BVBA
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Peter Tielemans

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