About Group A. De Witte

Group A. De Witte is an international wholesale organization in vegetables, fruits and exotics.
The Brussels office is the center of a 24-odd branches
which are scattered throughout the major commercial centers of Belgium and the Netherlands,
each specializing in a particular product or region.
With a turnover of 250 million euros and 450 employees,

Group A. De Witte is the largest AGF-group in the country.


Our strengths

The strenghts of the Group ADW are: collaboration, quality and flexibility.


The key to the success of the Group is cooperation. On the one hand between the different group branches and on the other through dedicated cooperation with various producers. Thanks to this intensive interaction between different companies, the group can guarantee the high levels of quality demanded and deliver a top product with the perfect taste. Through years of cooperation between the importer and the various producers, comprehensive know-how as well as sustainable relationships have been built up. This know-how ensures that the best quality is brought to the market at the right moment and with the necessary flexibility.


The A. De Witte Group’s branches and partners constantly strive towards the best quality. Quality of the products, quality of the conservation and storage, quality of the transport, etc. The A. De Witte Group represents the highest-quality products, and we keep a vigilant eye on this. In addition to our own controls, other agencies perform checks and controls on this quality. Furthermore, we carry out continual control, evaluation and adjustment procedures to comply with all legal regulations relating to the wishes of our customers and food safety.


Flexibility has enormous significance for the A. De Witte Group. We always have an extensive and appropriate selection of the best-quality fruit and vegetables, and thanks to our network of branches and wholesalers spread throughout Belgium, we are never far away from the customer. On top of this, an in-house transport division and packing department provide unrivalled added value within the entire organisation. Flexibility in every area, delivering consistently high quality and reacting to the needs of the market and our customers, combined with incomparable flexibility at the right price. This is why the A. De Witte Group is ahead of the pack.

Our quality brands Cibel & Cebon

Group A. De Witte imports and exports fruits and vegetables of various quality brands. We also have in-house two quality brands which we are particularly proud of: Cibel and Cebon.

Cibel is a quality brand for oranges and clementines. Only products which satisfy the strictest quality standards can be sold under the Cibel own brand. In order to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for Cibel quality products, we went in search of new production partners. We found the solution in South Africa, meaning that our Cibel products are available all year round.

With the Cebon brand, the A. De Witte Group has created real added value for fruit and vegetables. Cebon products undergo the strictest selection criteria, ensuring quality, freshness and environmentally sound cultivation. Only the very best quality fruit with a perfect taste and immaculate presentation make the grade for the Cebon brand.

Key figures

The Group A. De Witte has a leading role in the European fruits and vegetables market: Some group performance figures …




Motivated Employees


Million turnover in €


Different import countries

Our activities

The scope of activities of the Group extends over several domains in the sector of fruits, vegetables and exotics.
A strong synergy between all partners forms our strength.


The best products are brought to our country from all corners of the world. Our buyers and quality experts import only the freshest and highest-quality fruit and vegetables for our customers, from around 60 different countries.


We export our Belgian top products, predominantly to the European market. We can rightly be proud of our fresh strawberries, crunchy apples and pears, and our juicy tomatoes, to name a few.


Thanks to our own wholesale operations, which are conveniently spread throughout Flanders and Wallonia, we are always close to the grocer and able to respond to his needs. This is how we can guarantee market-fresh products.


Supplying products to the hotel and catering sector requires a very specific approach, and one which we gladly undertake. The range is always specially made to the individual requirement of the customer.


The Achiel De Witte Group carries out all packaging and transport responsibilities in-house. In this way, we take responsibility for all operational aspects ourselves and can fulfil the specific needs of the customer.


The Achiel De Witte Group carries out all packaging and transport responsibilities in-house. In this way, we take responsibility for all operational aspects ourselves and can fulfil the specific needs of the customer.

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Today, the Group De Witte exist out of more than 20 partners, who are working every day to make sure they can offer the best quality. More info? Click on one of the brands below.