About Us

About the Group A. De Witte

For more than 40 years, the A. De Witte Group has been active in the fruit and vegetable industry, building up a formidable reputation in the process…

Over the years, the range of products and services has been gradually extended with the result that there are currently no fewer than 24 branches which are part of the A. De Witte Group. The 24 branches are involved in import, export, wholesale, food service, packing, transport and other logistical services. By keeping numerous functions in-house, we are able to:


  • have direct purchase and sales lines with our suppliers and customers respectively;
  • offer fast and flexible solutions for our customers;
  • manage the organisation and all services more efficiently;
  • bundle together all the available knowledge from the branches.

Group structure

For the operation and structure of its Group, Achiel De Witte has instilled a high degree of autonomy in each branch.

Of course decisions affecting the group as a whole are taken at the group level, but each branch also has the scope to make decisions by themselves. In this way, managers and employees are given the space to make full use of their knowledge and contacts, and enjoy much more involvement and responsibility, which results in our being able to provide swift decisions and solutions for our customers.