Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Achiel De Witte Group is a family of companies which supplies fruit and vegetables to the Belgian and international markets. We achieve this in an environment where a passion for fruit and vegetables and respect for all the different stakeholders are paramount. We are convinced of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and as such, only select products of outstanding quality.

Our Vision

On the one hand, we are mindful of the future developments within the organisation and the anticipated changes to our environment and the industry in general. On the other hand, we need to reflect on how we as an organisation can respond to these developments and changes. In our vision, we clarify our future position in relation to the environment, the place our organisation will take in this environment, and the function we want to fulfil in this environment.

  • People: We ensure an optimal and structured working environment where people are inspired to get the best out of themselves, and where innovation is key.
  • Products: We offer a range of products we totally believe in, and which, in our opinion, are of the best quality.
  • Partners: We have built up a successful network of suppliers, customers and partners with whom we can create long-lasting added value.
  • Profit: We maximise our long-term vision by constantly looking for new techniques, strategies, approaches, etc..
  • Productivity: We are a very effective and fast-moving organisation that is always one step ahead of the competition.