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About Bollaerts

Bollaerts Primeurs, based at the Vroegmarkt MABRU in Brussels, has been a renowned and reliable partner in fruit and vegetables since 1970.

. The Brussels Vroegmarkt (‘early market’) is known for its own regional produce and international range, and has grown to become the ideal supermarket for the trade, a supermarket that supplies quality produce and makes freshness a top priority.

Through our efforts, enthusiasm and expertise, we obtain only the very best quality produce from our suppliers.

Being part of the Achiel De Witte Group means that we are able to make our mark on the Belgian fruit and vegetable market. This close group of companies, fully focused on fruit and vegetables, is steadily increasing its reputation, and we are very proud to be part of it!

The fact that we have grown, and hope to continue growing, is the result of several key factors:

  • Our determination in sourcing produce of the highest quality every day.
  • A cooperation in which the sharing of knowledge and experience benefits all parties.
  • Providing a service with respect for the producer, through to the consumer.


Bollaerts Primeurs obtains all its produce direct from the grower or from the Belgian auctions. We immediately pack types of fruit, such as strawberries, on the spot under our brand name of Cebon. Naturally, we buy a large part of or produce from affiliate companies within the group. We can therefore be sure of the highest quality and the best brands, while keeping the supply chain short.

Bollaerts Primeurs is also known for its own processing and packaging of fresh herbs and edible flowers. These products are brought to Brussels from every corner of the world, and find their way to restaurants, shops, etc.


Early in the morning, the ‘belly of Brussels’ rumbles with activity. Big and small growers set out their freshly picked wares, wholesalers and importers offer products that often come all the way from the other side of the world.

This very wide range is mainly destined for big and small retailers, grocers, supermarkets, food specialists, market stall holders, purchasers for collectives, caterers and master chefs, etc. Bollaerts Primeurs has been part of this Vroegmarkt for many years.

Our aim is to ensure that every customer, big or small, is able to depend on our experience, expertise and dedication. We can only do this by satisfying everyone’s specific quality requirements.

Online Ordering

It has been possible to purchase with us online for several years now.
You can then either choose for your order to be delivered, or come and pick it up yourself at our Mechelen branch.
For more info: +32(0)2 241 32 83
The advantages of this service are:

  • Quick and easy

  • You can shop wherever and whenever you want, 24/7

  • Freshness stays guaranteed

  • Our wide assortment is fully online

  • Same prices as wholesale

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Het Team

Mark Bollaerts

T +32 477 329 616

David De Brier
In- & Verkoop (fruit)

T +32 475 891 392

Dirk Fluyd
In- & Verkoop (groenten)

T+32 495 435 353