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Who are we

For several years, Continental Fruit Company has been an extremely reliable partner in the fruit and vegetable sector. Our aim is that every customer, large and small, can count on our experience, competence and dedication

We can only do this by meeting the specific quality requirements of each customer. If customers ask us for non-current packaging or specific (sizes of) produce, then they have come to the right place. We will accommodate all requests and will always ensure complete satisfaction for our customers.

Thanks to our commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism, we only procure the very best quality products from our suppliers. As part of the Achiel De Witte Group, we have been able to make our mark on the Belgian fruit and vegetable market. This tightly-knit group of companies, who live and breathe fruit and vegetables, have already built up a strong reputation. The fact that we are a part of the group is a source of great pride!

Our strengths

Based on several pillars, we have grown and hope to continue to grow:

  • By passionately searching every day for new products of the highest quality.
  • A cooperation in which the sharing of knowledge and experience makes each party stronger.
  • By providing a service with respect for the producer and the consumer.

By building further on continuous quality and sustainable service, Continental Fruit Company strives to bring fruit and vegetables to the end consumer in the very best conditions.

In terms of supplying, we are ideally located next to the wholesale market in Antwerp, meaning that our target market is within easy reach.


We buy in a large part of our produce from sister companies within the Achiel De Witte group. This ensures that we obtain the highest quality and the supply chain is also kept small. Additionally, we source produce from Belgian fruit auctions and buy some fruit and vegetables directly from growers. A fruit such as a strawberry can therefore be packaged there immediately under our in-house brand Cebon.
This is why Continental Fruit Company is also known for selling the Cibel and Cibon brands.


Online ordering

It has been possible to purchase with us online for several years now. You can then either choose for your order to be delivered, or come and pick it up yourself at our Antwerp branch.

For more info: contact Evert Van Britsom on +32 (0)477-848.263.

The advantages of this service are:

  • Quick and easy

  • You can shop wherever and whenever you want, 24/7

  • Freshness stays guaranteed

  • Our wide assortment is fully online

  • You can enjoy the same prices and promotions as for wholesale

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Continental Fruit
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The Team

Joris Diels

T +32 484 148 822

Evert van Britsom
Evert Van Britsom
In- & Verkoop

T+32 477 848 263

Johan Janssens
Johan Janssens
In- & Verkoop

T +32 477 343 746


For us, it is essential to grow and supply the very best quality produce. We therefore ensure that our certification is always up-to-date. Continental Fruit Company only works with fruit from GLOBALGAP-certified growers, and we have operated according to a HACCP plan since 2012.


The implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) among growers to ensure food safety. Within this framework, important elements have been identified to develop a worldwide production standard for agricultural and horticultural products. EUREPGAP distinguishes between Major Musts, Minor Musts and Recommendations, and the certificate is awarded to the grower following an independent inspection by a certified institution. EUREP also supports the principles of HACCP.


An international standard – established in Germany in 2002 – to audit food safety systems in a uniform manner so that purchasers (wholesale or retail) can have trust in the product.


This preventive analysis ensures food safety by systematically controlling risk factors during the production and handling of foodstuffs. In Belgium, a management system based on HACCP principles is a legal requirement for food businesses. Additionally, HACCP helps us to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the customer in terms of quality and safety.