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About Starfruit Company

Starfruit Company is an organisation in the heart of Brussels with a long tradition and passion for exotic fruit. Our team, which can rely on years of experience, goes the extra mile to deliver excellence and efficiency for and together with the customer.

The key to the success of Starfruit is cooperation! Firstly through long-standing partnerships with our suppliers, but also through the long-term relationships we develop with our customers. What’s more, many years of cooperation between the importer and the different producers in origin countries has instilled an in-depth knowledge within the company.

In addition, we select suppliers who, like us, are committed to offering only the highest quality fresh products and with whom we can build a strong rapport. The result today is that we are able to offer our customers a wide assortment of premium-quality brands.


Quality as key concept

Driven by our strict quality requirements, we embark on our quest to find the very best products for our customers. Because we work with reliable suppliers who, together with us, ensure the products are shipped under optimal conditions, we receive the best fresh products in our food warehouses. After a critical acceptance process, all products are stored according to the highest standards. This ensures they maintain their quality and allows us to offer you the guarantee that we can deliver quality products quickly and all year round.


Our list of products is characterised by its wide variety in which the exotic range from around the world plays a prominent role.


Our range of exotic fruit is very extensive: avocado (Hass), bananas (bananito, manzano, plantain, red banana), cactus fig, carambola, chayote, cherimoya, various citrus fruits (clementines, kumquat, lime, limequat, tangelo, orange, pamplemousse, pomelo), dates, feijoa, figs, grapes, guava, kiwano Coconut, lychee, mango, mangosteen, maracuja, melons (Cantaloupe, Charentais, Galia, honeydew and watermelon), okra, papaya, passion fruit, nashi pear, physalis, pineapple (pineapple and baby pineapple), pitahaya, pomegranate, rambutan, sharon fruit, spices (banana leaf and lemongrass), various stone fruits (apricot, nectarine and plum), sugar cane, tamarillo, tamarind and sweet potato.


Import of beans 

Besides our range of exotics, our import selection of different bean varieties from Kenya also form an important pillar: fine and extra-fine beans, peas, snow peas and sugar snaps.

Closer to home 

A third pillar in our product range comprises our vegetable and fruit varieties that are grown closer to home, including: apples (Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonagold and Pink Lady), asparagus, courgette, patty pan, peppers, pepino, potatoes (Nicola), strawberries, tomatoes (truss and cherry tomatoes), tubers (beetroot, cassava, taro, ginger, horseradish, leek, lotus root and yam).


Cibel & Cebon

Besides these brands, we also have our own private quality brands Cibel and Cebon. Only products of excellent quality are sold under our own brand names. Starfruit Company is responsible for the READY-TO-EAT range, including the sale of mangoes and avocados.

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Om te voldoen aan de kwaliteitseisen van onze klanten, heeft Starfruit procedures opgesteld volgens de vereisten van HACCP.

Om te voldoen aan de kwaliteitseisen van onze klanten, heeft Starfruit procedures opgesteld volgens de vereisten van HACCP.  Door de naleving van de HACCP-richtlijnen kan Starfruit alle risico’s en gevaren voor de kwaliteit in ieder stadium controleren, van de invoer tot de levering aan de klant. Hierdoor kan Starfruit de opspoorbaarheid van elk artikel garanderen. De kwaliteitsgarantie bereikt Starfruit door de geïmporteerde producten systematisch te keuren om na te gaan of ze overeenstemmen met alle opgelegde standaarden. Bovendien volgen wij het product op van het veld tot bij de klant. Starfruit verlangt van al de leveranciers dat zij voldoen aan de opgelegde kwaliteitseisen betreffende de temperatuurbewaking, kwaliteitsstandaarden, hygiëne, verantwoord pesticidengebruik, verpakking en vervoer.