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Vanhuyse Louis NV has been a flourishing company in the fruit and vegetable sector for four generations. Alphons Vanhuyse first sold fruit in 1920. The business gradually grew through his good reputation for fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as his belief in making flexibility a high priority.

The company continued to grow over the years, and Louis’ successors saw the successful launch of the Roeselare REO auction. It became necessary to move to a new building in the Diksmuidsesteenweg, in the shadow of the auction, which meant the start of a much bigger operation.

Under the management of the present branch manager, Jan Vanhuyse, branches in Ghent and Kortrijk were added. Since then, the wholesale markets of Ghent and Kortrijk have become indispensable factors to the company. In order to have a strong presence in these wholesale markets, it was necessary to join the Achiel De Witte Group. The upgraded warehouse was inaugurated in the 90s: 5000 m² of workspace, new refrigerated areas with a total capacity of just over 650 places and brand-new ripening cells for 8640 cartons. The Vanhuyse team enjoys the mutual trust between the company and its trading partners – a bond that has existed for many years. And that’s how it will stay …


Vanhuyse offers the customer the following:


  • A complete range of fruit and vegetables;
  • Our extensive range of exotic fruits and bananas;
  • A side range consisting of straw baskets, nuts, dried fruit, etc.
  • In cooperation with the Achiel De Witte Group: a wide range of herbs and nuts from Cebon


Vanhuyse NV has its own purchaser, who buys only the best Belgian produce for our customers on a daily basis from the Roeselare REO auction in parallel with the Mechlin BelOrta auction.

Besides a wide range of home-grown produce, we also supply many imported products. For example, broccoli (Coalor) is imported from Spain, La Gazelle oranges from sunny Morocco. Products are also imported from France (apples, melons, kiwi fruit, apricots), Italy (grapes, kiwi fruit and blood oranges) and the Dominican Republic (Merengue melons).

The cooperation with Lejeune NV for the importing of fruit and vegetables is a good example of cooperation between the various branches of the Achiel De Witte Group. Vanhuyse supplies Cibel products from Central Fruit.


The Achiel De Witte Group’s top brand is Cibel, imported by Central Fruit. These products are distributed almost all year round by our team, which is among the best, both for quality and for service.


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Jan Vanhuyse
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On their journey from field to fork, all products require agricultural focus, integrity and traceability. We offer services for the entire supply chain, which reduce risk, improve quality and increase the productivity. We ensure integrity within the food chain by managing, promoting development seed crops, to take soil samples and harvesting products by moving the supply chain and for export and import inspections.